“Unbelieveable Four” by Shin and Hong

  • ©Sukwon Shin and In Pyo Hong  Independent Artist



    Unbelieveable Four


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  • Independent Artist


    In this satirical take on a music video, a desperate search for salvation takes place as hundreds of evil spaceships are approaching earth. Finally the “Unbelievable 4” get the call. A superhero team (composed of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld) receives the urgent message that the earth is under attack and they have five minutes to launch a rocket for a preemptive strike. Over the course of the story, the caricaturized leaders’ over-heroic personalities slowly merge with the personalities of rock stars.

    This animation unfolds via cross-cutting between the cinematic sequences and the concert performance. Sukwon Shin (Director/Animator) characterized the caricatured politicians and In Pyo Hong (Director/Lighter) used mental ray and Shake to complete the visuals.


    Boxx computer, iMac


    Maya 8.0 /8.5 ZBrush3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects 6.5, FinalCutPro, Shake

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Sukwon Shin, In Pyo Hong

    Story: Sukwon Shin

    Executive Producer: Sukwon Shin

    Art Director: Choonhoe Kim

    Producer: Yeonjung Kim

    Character Design/Modeling: Sukwon Shin

    Animator: Sukwon Shin

    Environment and Set Design/Modeling: Choonhoe Kim, In Pyo Hong

    Texture/Shading: Choonhoe Kim, Yeonjung Kim, Morgan Wang, In Pyo Hong

    Lighting and Rendering: In Pyo Hong

    Compositing and Effects: In Pyo Hong

    Editor: Sukwon Shin

    Research & Development: Sukwon Shin

    Graphic Design: Yeonjung Kim

    Music: Joey Tempest, Screen Gems – EMI Music Inc obo EMI Music Publishing (BMI)

Animation / Video Overview: