“Twisted Murder” by Independent Artist

  • ©Paulo de Almada


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    Twisted Murder


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Independent Artist


    Detective Alex is looking forward to his impending nuptials, until he receives a shocking phone call revealing that his soon-to-be wife has been murdered. Who would want to kill beautiful Melinda? Was it a case of mistaken identity, or did she have a double life? Did he even know the woman he was to marry? With nothing to go on, Alex desperately tries to piece the mystery together. The journey takes him to the seedy underworld of Fresno, where a series of twisted clues and heavy drinking lead him to her unlikely, possibly inhuman, killer and an even more twisted romantic ending.


    Maya, After Effects Photoshop, Garage Band

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Paulo de Almada

    Narration: Geoff Bisente

    Created by: Paulo de Almada

    Written by: Monica L. Mauro

    Sound Design: Elias Issa, Rodrigo Nunes

    Sound Studio: Mandala Studio, LA

    Motion capture: VICON

    Acknowledgement: Thank you Andrew Hall, Max Ulichney, Michael Bliss, and A52

Animation / Video Overview: