“Toshiba Time Sculpture” by The Mill

  • ©Mitch Stratten  The Mill


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    Toshiba Time Sculpture


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  • The Mill


    Using a ground-breaking new filming technique, Toshiba’s “Time Sculpture” is the world’s first Matrix-style, 360-degree, moving-image, “bullet-time” commercial.

    The Mill team supervised a shoot that relied on construction of a purpose-built camera rig to support 200 Toshiba Gigashot HD camcorders. The camcorders were aligned and linked together to create a 360-degree inward view of the circular set that captured a series of separate moving images, which were brought together later to form one seamless action sequence using the highest number of moving image cameras ever used in a film sequence.

    Almost 20 terabytes of video data were used to create the final film. The Mill used an immense storage device with a 20-TB capacity to hold 19.5 TBs of footage, making it one of the biggest jobs any VFX house has ever undertaken. The sheer size of this project required the very best from every department: The Mill’s data pipeline management team; Juan Brockhaus, the 3D pre-visualisation artist who brought the project to life at conception; and the extensive Flame assist and technical support team, headed by lead Flame artist Richard de Carteret.


    Baselight, Flame, Floctane, XSI

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Mitch Stratten

    Agency: Grey London

    Producer: Rebecca Popel

    Production Company: Hungryman

    Producer: Sally Newsom

    Editing Company: The Whitehouse

    Editor: Christophe Williams

    Post Production: The Mill

    Producer: Chris Batten

    Telecine: James Bamford, Mick Vincent

    Lead Flame: Richard de Carteret

    Smoke: Huss, JP, John Thornton

    3D Supervisor: Juan Brockhaus

Animation / Video Overview: