“Vilnius-Guggenheim” by Studio AMD

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  • Studio AMD


    This short movie has helped to redefine the art and craft of filmmaking for architectural competition. It has also been awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle.

    Presented with the daunting challenge of making a design-competition film for Studio Daniel Libeskind’s Guggenheim Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania on a two-week deadline, we first panicked. Then we said to ourselves: “This is our chance to prove a notion we’ve been trying to promote for two years.” Using high-res digital still renderings we had already created as the backplates, we could truly bring to life these dynamic and dramatic environments through a substantial After Effects and Photoshop effort. That, coupled with new V-Ray and 3ds Max “bumpers and bridges”, resulted in a final product that brought down the house.

    Our final embellishment was to intertwine delicate audio effects with the score. The net effect was to enhance both the humanistic and the environmental ambience.

    In the end, this production was delivered at less than one-thrid the cost of immersive 3D photo-real animation in a time-frame that would have been impossible otherwise.


    Windows 64-bit-based PCs High-end Mac workstations for post production


    V-Ray, 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Pro-Tools

Additional Contributors:

    Creative Director / Director: Richard Gönci

    Executive Producer: Richard Dubrow

    Co-Executive Producer and Studio Art Director: Jon Kletzien

    Producer: John Dollus

    Line Producer: Sarah Waldman

    Storyboard Artist: John Forcucci

    Animation Supervisor: Tim Nelson

    Digital Artists: Jeremy Brant, Tim Nelson, Michal Pruchniak, Bill Sloman, Curtis Swihart, Gordon Tarpley

    Post production: Animal-Studio LLC

    Online Editor: Joshua Backer

    2D Animator/ Compositor: Eric Weindel

    Composer: Eric Aguiar

    Audio Effects and Mix: Richard Bock

Animation / Video Overview: