“Rebel with a Cause”

  • ©Kristian Labusga


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Rebel with a Cause



    The t-shirt as a global storyteller.

    “Technological innovation continues to be valued in and of itself, but while, thankfully, technology allows certain modes of production, it does not provide a good story or clear communication, nor is it free of the fundamental values by which we judge what is ‘art’. [Kyle Cooper, Motion by Design, 2007]

    Inspired by the words and work of people like Kyle Cooper, Saul Bass, and Pablo Ferro, I created a short piece of animation using only graphics and type. It’s a little experiment in using motion graphics for storytelling. “Rebel with a Cause” was part of my final thesis at the Stuttgart Media University.


    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Kristian Labusga

    Story: Kristian Labusga

    Music Director: Florian Gubba

    Voice-Over: Daniel Winter

    Animation & Graphic Design: Kristian Labusga

    Technical Director: Jochen Bomm

    Mentoring: Susanne Mayer, Jürgen Haas

    Production: Stuttgart Media University

    Acknowledgement Funded by: Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Animation / Video Overview: