“Roll’n Rock” by boolab

  • ©Nico Casavecchia  boolab


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    Roll'n Rock


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  • boolab


    One of five viral films for the online project Black Thinking (www.blackthinking.com) launched by the cigarette-paper brand OCB.

    The film features a classic film noir aspect done with computer graphics, mixing many techniques used to create a film book, including slow-motion animation, illumination, characters, etc. It is a creative mix of volumetric characters over a flat-looking background. These pieces represent a radical change in the use of the viral format, characterized in this case by a film narrative more in keeping with short films than with advertising. The director was given almost total creative freedom to develop characters and scripts based on the vignettes (from the collection promoted by OCB, available on the project’s web site and in little books distributed by licensed tobacconists).


    Photoshop, Final Cut, Maya, After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Nico Casavecchia

    Client: Republic Technologies

    Product: OCB

    Production Company: boolab

    Director: Nico Casavecchia

    Executive Producers: Lucas Elliot, Coke Ferreiro

    Producer: Silvia Romero

    Creative Supervision: Lucas Elliot

    Music and SFX: Andrés Reymondes

    Composition 2D: Sebastian Baptista, Santi Justribó

    3D and Animation: Lactea Studio (Dominik Malzer)

    Illustration: Ezequiel Cruz, Nico Casavecchia

    Singer: Marc Mallafré

    Advertising Agency: Road (Barcelona)

    Executive Creative Director: Emilio Lezaun

    Creative Director: Xavi Solé

    Creative Team: Iolanda Mora, Marc Mallafré

    Account Team: Natàlia Aznar, Ilonka Von Spanyar

Animation / Video Overview: