“The Rebel” by Roguzdon Productions

  • ©Ben Logsdon  Roguzdon Productions

  • ©Ben Logsdon  Roguzdon Productions


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    The Rebel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Roguzdon Productions


    A collage of vintage lithograph prints was the foundation for this music video for “The Rebel” by Canadian musician Buck 65, whose music is the ideal audio for the visuals I was creating. Nostalgia became my driving motivation. As a pet project, this was a challenging endeavor. I set out with a number of rules for the color palette and design of my characters and environments. I tried to make sure that these rules reflected the music in the best way possible. Working alone and producing this animation within defined limitations, my ideas became more focused and my visuals more refined.


    Adobe After Effects 7, Adobe Photoshop CS2

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ben Logsdon

    Visuals: Ben Logsdon

    Audio: Buck 65

    Acknowledgements: Special thanks to my parents (all four of them), Nick Blasko, Ilan Gabai, Sean Sullivan, and that beautiful Hokkaido scenery.

Animation / Video Overview: