“Playable Universal Capture 2007 Reel” by Electronic Arts

  • ©George Borshukov  Electronic Arts



    Playable Universal Capture 2007 Reel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Electronic Arts


    Universal Capture was the facial-capture tech-nique that made possible certain landmark achievements in film visual effects, namely the digital humans in “The Matrix” films. The approach is one of the few that produce realistic and believ-able results in animated human (not human-like) faces while offering enough flexibility to manipu-late and create unique visual experiences. This reel shows how the technique has evolved from its non-interactive film applications to the real-time results of the Fight Night Round 3 concept demo (E3 2005) and the fully interactive results of the Tiger Woods tech demo (E3 2006). It also includes internal projects and tests performed during the R&D effort to build a production pipe-line all the way to compression and interactive real-time rendering.

    All images in the reel were rendered interactively in real time at 30 fps.


    PCs with NVIDIA GPUs, Playstation3, XBox 360


    Maya, Photoshop, Photomodeler, Cyslice, Digital Fusion, Custom compression pipeline programs Custom game engines

Additional Contributors:

    Director/CG Supervisor: George Borshukov

    Engineering and Pipeline Team: Jefferson Montgomery, John Hable, Jean-Luc Duprat, Daniel Roizman, Barry Ruff, Håkan Kilström, Dough Griffin

    Art Team: Witek Werner, Kevin Noone, James Lau, Dave Raposo, Paul Thuriot

    Additional CG Supervisor (Fight Night Demo): Frank Vitz

    Producers: Jeff O’Connell, Patrick Mooney, Stefan Van Niekerk, Mike Harrison

    Sound Design: Charles Deenen

    Editing: Kevan Wong

Animation / Video Overview: