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    Resistance: Fall of Man™

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    Resistance: Fall of Man is an exclusive PlayStation 3 launch title that represents a unique blend of heavy military action and unnerving horror set in an alternate reality: 1951 England. The game has earned global critical acclaim since its Novem-ber 2006 release and remains a top-selling PlayStation 3 title. In Resistance: Fall of Man, the US and Britain band together in a last-ditch effort to save England from a horrible species called the Chimera, which in mere decades has overrun Rus-sia and all of Europe. Humans are being systematically wiped out, and the outcome of the battle for England rests on a US Army Ranger, Sgt. Nathan Hale.

    Resistance: Fall of Man has been praised for its unique weap-ons arsenal, immersive single-player campaign, and extensive 40-player online offering. The game’s online following con-tinues to grow with the addition of new maps and gameplay modes. Resistance: Fall of Man has also been lauded for its ability to harness the capabilities of PlayStation 3. Throughout production, developer Insomniac Games created a variety of proprietary tools and technologies such as its own render-ing engine and physics system to best utilize the powerful console.


    Playstation 3

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