“Gears of War – Mad World” by Kosinski

  • ©Joseph Kosinski



    Gears of War - Mad World



    Digital Domain broke new ground with this cinematic launch for “Gears of War.” The entire spot was created inside Ultimate Unreal Engine 3, the same real-time engine used for the video game itself. This innovative production method gave consumers an accurate preview of the game’s textures, subtle facial expressions, and real-time rendering, as well as a look at the converging worlds of entertainment, advertising, and games.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Joseph Kosinski

    Agency: McCann-Erickson San Francisco

    Creative Directors: Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards

    Copywriter: Mat Bunnell

    Art Director: Nate Able

    Group Strategy Director: Mike Harris

    Account Director: Chris McDonald

    Account Executive: Mandie Bowe

    Broadcast Producer: Hannah Murray

    Production Company: Anonymous Content

    Director: Joseph Kosinski

    Executive Producer: Jeff Baron

    Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair

    Head of Sales: Michael DiGirolamo

    Producer: Scott Kaplan

    Production Supervisor: Julien Lemaitre

    Animation and Visual Effects Digital Domain, Inc.

    Executive Producers: Ed Ulbrich, Lisa Beroud

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Eric Barba

    Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: Vernon Wilbert

    Visual Effects Producer: Melanie La Rue

    Visual Effects Coordinator: Alex Thiesen

    Flame Artists: Dave Stern, Kevin Ellis

    Assistant Editor: John Cason

    Previs Supervisor: Chris De Santis

    Technical Directors: Ryan Vance, Daniel Maskit

    Digital Artists: Nancy Adams, Jeff Dierstein, Dan Fowler, Juan Gomez, Lori Green, Terry Naas, John Riggs, Greg Szafranski, Daniel Thron

Animation / Video Overview: