“A Gentleman’s Duel” by Ruiz and McNally

  • ©Francisco Ruiz and Sean McNally  Blur Studio


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    A Gentleman's Duel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blur Studio


    In “A Gentlemen’s Duel,” a new short film by Oscar-nominated Blur Studio, this time-honored tradition is re-imagined with a fantastic blend of boisterous characters and over-the-top comedic action. A seemingly innocent tea party takes a turn for the dramatic when two imperious aristocrats suddenly find themselves competing for the affections of the same fair lady.

    RENDERING: Splutterfish Brazil

    COMPOSITION: Eyeon Digital Fusion 5


    HARDWARE: Boxx Technology Workstation, AMD dual core opteron, 4Gb RAM, nVIDIA fx4500 Graphics card

    RENDER FARM: 100 Angtrom AMD Athlon render blades, 100 IBM Intellistation Z Pro workstations


    Database: PostgreSQL

    Scripting: Perl/Python

    File servers: Linux Fedora

    File system: Samba Adobe Premiere


    Modeling/animation: 3ds Max 8 Softimage XSI Adobe Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Tim Miller

    Directors: Francisco Ruiz, Sean McNally

    Writers: Sean McNally, Francisco Ruiz, Jeff Fowler, Tim Miller

    Producer: Al Shier

    Associate Producer: Debbie Yu

    Animation Supervisors: Jean-Dominique Fievet, Jason Taylor

    Lighting & Compositing Supervisor: Sebastien Chort

    Character Modeling Supervisor: Laurent Pierlot

    Rigging Supervisor: Remi McGill

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Kirby Miller

    Storyboards: Francisco Ruiz

    Concept Art: Sean McNally, Francisco Ruiz, Chuck Wojtkiewicz

    Layout: Jean-Dominique Fievet

    Animation: Jean-Dominique Fievet, Jeff Fowler, Bryan Hillestad, Brent Homman, Eric Hulser, Remi McGill, Marlon Nowe, Jacob Patrick, Davy Sabbe, Leo Santos, George Schermer, Peter Starostin, Jason Taylor, Dave Vallone, Jeff Wilson

    Modeling: Shaun Absher, Chris Bedrosian, Corey Butler, Luis Calero, Sze Jones, Sebastien Chort, Zack Cork, Joshua Cox, Ian Joyner, Alex Litchinko, Barrett Meeker, Cemre Ozkurt, Laurent Pierlot, Juan Solis, Tim Wallace

    Rigging: Steve Guevara, Malcolm Thomas-Gustave, Mattias Jervill, Remi McGill

    Facial Rigging/Face Robot: Mattias Jervill, Sze Jones, Remi McGill, Jeff Wilson

    Lead Lighting and Compositing: Corey Butler, Sebastien Chort, Kris Kaufman, Laurent Pierlot, Dan Rice

    Lighting and Compositing: Chris Bedrosian, Luis Calero, Joshua Cox, Barrett Meeker, Brandon Riza, David Stinnett, Daniel Trbovic

    Visual Effects: Craig Brown, Sam Khorshid, Seung Jae Lee, Kirby Miller, Brandon Riza, August Wartenberg

    Cloth Simulation: Jon Jordan, Malcolm Thomas-Gustave

    Title Design: Jennifer Miller, Adam Swaab

    Pipeline and Tools Development: Diego Garcia, Eric Hulser, Remi McGill, Matt Newell

    Programming and Systems Administration: Paul Huang, Matt Newell, Duane Powell, Abe Shelton

    Pipeline Manager: Tom Dillon

    Production Assistant: Amanda Powell

    Music: Rob Cairns

    Sound Design and Recording: Chris Trent, Gary Zacuto

    Voice Talent: Tom Kenny, Ashley Walsh, Chuck Wojtkiewicz

    Foley Artist: Jerry Trent

    Sound Mix: Gary Zacuto, Shoreline Studios

    Digital Film Recording and Film Processing: Fotokem

Animation / Video Overview: