“GMC – The Encounter” by The Embassy Visual Effects

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    GMC - The Encounter

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  • The Embassy Visual Effects


    The Embassy completed post production on the GMC Yukon spot with Spy Films’ Director and Embassy co-founder Trevor Cawood, in co-production with The Talkies, Dubai. The commercial features two CG robots who, whilst going about their daily duties in a high-tech laboratory, notice the Yukon in an adjacent lab. The impressive sight of the Yukon is so overwhelming that the robots uncharacteristically defy their instructions and go to investigate it.

    The piece was shot in Dubai, and all visual effects were completed in Vancouver in an impressive seven-week post schedule that included the animatic as well as a three-week robot design-and-build period.


    Softimage XSI
    Newtek Lightwave

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Simon van de Lagemaat

    CG Artists: Jim Hebb, Michael Blackbourn, Tristam Gieni, Marc Roth, Paul Copeland, Dan Prentice

    Senior Compositor: Stephen Pepper

    VFX Producer: Charlie Bradbury

Animation / Video Overview: