“Gorillaz – El Mañana” by Passion Pictures

  • ©Pete Candeland and Jamie Hewlett  Passion Pictures



    Gorillaz - El Mañana


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    The animated promo for “El Mañana” takes the audience back to where it all started: on the floating windmill island from the Gorillaz’ first single, “Feel Good Inc.” Set against a beautiful blue-sky back-drop, Gorillaz guitarist and songwriter Noodle sails through the clouds on her laputa-style floating garden. But it isn’t long before the tranquility is interrupted by the arrival of two black helicopter gun ships…

    What are they doing there? Who have they come for? Will it all end badly for Noodle and Gorillaz?

    In this video, the team further developed the unique combination of CG and hand-drawn 2D animation that has characterised all the videos from Demon Days.


    Xsi, After Effects, Toonz, Final Cut Pro, Combustion, Lightwave

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Pete Candeland, Jamie Hewlett

    Producer: Anna Lord

    Festival Coordinator: Kim Strobl

    Production Credits Client: EMI/Parlophone

    Band: Gorillaz

    Management: CMO Management

    Creatives: Jamie Hewlett

    Producer: Cara Speller

    Production Company: Passion Pictures

    Executive Producers for Passion Pictures: Hugo Sands, Andrew Ruhemann

    2D Production Manager: Jen Coatsworth

    CG Production Manager: Emma Phillips

    Art Director/CG Supervisor: Antoine Moulineau

    2D Animation: Rikke Asbjoern, Nelson Yokota de Paula Lima, Rob Stevenhagen, Daryl Graham, Heath Kenny

    Head 2D Assistant & Coordination: David Burns

    2D Assistants: Jonathan Wren, Katerina Kremasioti, Mitchel Wilmot, Brent Odell, Gerry Gallego, Sky Bone

    2D FX Animation: Simon Swales, Barney Russell, Toolz, Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore

    Checking: Tony Clarke

    CG Animation: Wes Coman

    Visual FX Supervisor: Harry Bardak

    Visual FX Artists: Elisée Cesarotti, Marc Di Nocera, Rob Chapman, James Coore

    Lead Technical Director: Nikos Gatos

    Lead Modeller/Texture Artist: Tom Bryant

    Modelling/Texture Artist: Mario Ucci

    Lead Lighter/Layout Artist: Lukasz Pazur

    Lighting: Ludovic Walsh, Axel Akesson, Nikos Gatos

    Lead Compositor: Johnny Still

    Compositing: Niamh Lines, David Lea, Julien Limouse, Neil Riley

    Matte Painting: Daniel Cacouault, Jim Bowers

    Storyboard: Jamie Hewlett

    Editor: Jamie Foord

    Sound Design: Chi Li Shrewring

Animation / Video Overview: