“The Grandfather of Soul” by Keytoon Animation Studio

  • ©Jaime Maestro  Keytoon Animation Studio


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    The Grandfather of Soul


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Keytoon Animation Studio


    On the heels of the very sad news of James Brown’s passing, Keytoon Animation Studio is proud to present their latest animated short, “The Grandfather of Soul.” The short celebrates the soul and energy of the unfor-gettable James Brown hit “I Got You” with a comical music video of an old man getting his groove on in the privacy of his own home, or so we think.


    Modeling: Polygons

    Rendering technique: Maxwell render engine, 3ds Max scanline used for hair layer

    Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 1-5 minutes on layers, one hour on backgrounds


    PC Intel Xeon dual 3.2 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM


    Modeling, animation, and hair: 3ds Max 8.0 Rendering: Maxwell render engine
    Compositing: After Effects 7.0, Adobe Premiere OS: Windows XP Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jaime Maestro

    Executive Producer: Nina Rowan

    Producers: David Lacruz, Cecile Hokes

    Lighting and Texturing Director: Jonatan Catalan

    Compositing Supervisor: Santi Agusti

    Animation Supervisor: Daniel Peixe

    Rigging: Luis San Juan, Rudi Hammad

    Audio Post: Splash Studios NYC

    Sound Design and Mix: Peter Levin

    Sound Editors: Barbara Parks, Alex Noyes, Neil Benezra

    Music: I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown, Fort Knox Music Inc., Warner Chappell Music Spain, S.A.

    Keytoon Team: Alex Mateo, David Cuevas, Jonathan Cuevas

Animation / Video Overview: