“Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Demo Reel (Jan-2007)” by Perceptive Pixel

  • ©Jefferson Y. Han


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    Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Demo Reel (Jan-2007)


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Perceptive Pixel


    This reel showcases Perceptive Pixel’s latest work in multi-touch interaction techniques, an exciting area of graphical human-computer interaction that has seen a recent surge of activity in numerous academic and industry research groups around the world.

    Multi-touch inherently implies multi-user, and the unprecedented scalability of our sensor tech-nology gives us the unique ability to explore larger interaction form factors, including those that can accommodate multiple users working together in a collaborative setting.


    These applications were developed using our novel GUI framework and are being demonstrated on our eight-foot Multi-Touch Wall running on commodity PCs and GPUs.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jefferson Y. Han

    Software Team, Philip L. Davidson, Yotam Gingold, Jeremy Weinberger, Fran Zandonella

    Music: Bedrock, “Beautiful Strange”