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    Perpetuum Moblile


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    Florence, 15th century. An alchemist obsessed with discovering the secrets of perpetual motion will change the life of Leo da Vinci, a sensitive and curious young Italian boy, forever.

    Silverspace Animation Studios is an award-winning computer-animation studio with the techni-cal, creative, and production capabilities to develop computer-animated feature films, short subjects, documentaries, and digital visual effects for film, TV, and advertising.


    PC Dual Xeon 2,8 GHz


    3D: Maya and Pixar Photorealistic RenderMan
    2D: Combustion

Additional Contributors:

    Written and Directed by: Enrique García & Raquel Ajofrín

    Assistant Director: Rubén Salazar

    Original Story: Enrique García

    Screenplay: Enrique García, Raquel Ajofrín, Rubén Salazar

    Script Advisors: José Antonio, Vitoria Fernando Cordero

    Executive Producers: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar, SILVERSPACE ANIMATION STUDIOS

    Music by: Aritz Villodas

    Film Editors: Rubén Salazar, Enrique García

    Supervising Technical Director: Enrique García

    Director of Photography: Enrique García

    Production Design: Enrique García

    Storyboard Supervisor: Rubén Salazar

    Animatics Supervisors: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Supervising Animators: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Lead Supervisors: Enrique Garcia, Rubén Salazar

    Set Dressing Supervisor: Enrique Garcia

    Modeling Supervisor: Enrique García

    Rendering Supervisor: Enrique García

    Postproduction Supervisor: Rubén Salazar

    Art Directors: Enrique García, Ángel María Remírez de Ganuza

    Character Designs: Ángel María Remírez de Ganuza, Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez, Enrí Garó

    Environment Designs: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez, Jesús Peña

    Props Designs: Leonardo da Vinci, Enrique García

    Main Title Design: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Animators: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar, Jorge Sánchez, Yuste Gil, José María García, Iratxe Ortiz de Zárate

    Cameramen: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar, Jorge Sánchez

    Effects Artist: Rubén Salazar

    Particles & Dynamics: Enrique García

    Cloth Effects: Enrique García

    Character Modeling Artists: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez, Iñaki Imaz

    Character Riggers: Carlos Varona, Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez

    Mel Programming: Enrique García

    Environment Modeling Artists: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez, José María Artundo, Amaia Iraola, Ismael Martínez, Andoni Aio, José María García, Igor González, Asier Sala

    UV Mapping: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez

    RenderMan Shading Artists: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez

    RenderMan Lighting Artists: Enrique García, Jorge Sánchez

    Matte Painting: Rubén Salazar

    Compositing: Rubén Salazar

    Color Grading: Rubén Salazar

    Systems Administrators: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Linux Consultant: Ieltxu del Río

    RenderMan Rendering Systems Administrator: Enrique García

    RenderMan Nightshift Supervisor: Enrique García

    Digital Transfer Supervisor: Rubén Salazar

    End Credits: Enrique García

    Music Orchestrated and Sampled: Aritz Villodas

    Violin: Ana Cabero, Jira Biraka

    Music Consultant: Anselmo Calleja, Mari Luz Muras, HERF

    Sound Supervisor: Pako Ruiz, SONORA ESTUDIOS

    Foley Editor: Iñaki Alonso

    Foley Artists: Álvaro Herrero, Iosu González

    Sound Designers: Iñaki Alonso, Aritz Villodas

    Sound Mixer: Iñaki Alonso

    Dolby Digital Mix Studio: Joxean Azpillaga, REC GRABAKETA ESTUDIOA

    Marketing: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Financing and Funding: Enrique García, Rubén Salazar

    Production Babies: Haizea García Ajofrín, Paula Salazar Chaurrondo

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