“Pepsi – Dance Tron” by Stylewar

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    Pepsi - Dance Tron

Company / Institution / Agency:

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    Method Studios blended live action with 2D and 3D animation, combining motion capture with motion control in a novel manner. Following a pre-shoot motion capture session with break dancers, a skeleton in Autodesk’s Maya was used for pre-visualization of the intricate dance moves to select the desired motions. Repeatable action rigging systems, built to hold 10 dancers and mounted on a gimbal for the live shoot, were created to reproduce as much movement as possible, and these rigs were driven by data created in CG based on the motion capture. These systems were recreated in Method’s CG depart-ment, and the full 360-degree photo scans of each dancer provided real references for creating the final spot.


    Maya and Flame

Additional Contributors:

    Lead 2D VFX Artist: Alex Frisch

    Lead 3D VFX Artist: James LeBloch

    CG Technical Supervisor: Gil Baron

    2D VFX Artists: Andrew Eksner, Eric Bruno, Gavin Miljkovich, Jake Montgomery

    3D VFX Artists: Chris Smallfield, John Baker, Mark Wurts, Pash Ivanov, Scott Metzger

    Junior 2D VFX Artists: Katrina Salicrup, Sarah Eim, Zach Lo

    Visual Effects Shoot Supervision: Casey Schatz

    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh

    Head of Production: Sue Troyan

    Visual Effects Producer: Christine Schneider

    Director: Stylewar

    Director of Photography: Marcelo Durst

    Production Design/Art Direction: Robb Buono

    Agency: Spike DDB

    Associate Creative Director: Adam Hessel

    Creative Director: Desmond Hall

    Art Director: Jeison Rodriguez

    Agency Producer: Angelo Ferrugia

    Copywriter: Bryan Johnson

    Production Company: Smuggler

    Executive Producers: Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith

    Producer: Line Postmyr

    Editorial Company: Spot Welders

    Editor: Haines Hall

    Telecine Company: Syndicate

    Colorist: Beau Leon

    Audio Post: Ravenswork

    Audio Mixer: Robert Feist

Animation / Video Overview: