“Paraworld” by Pendulum Studios

  • ©Michael McCormick  Pendulum Studios


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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pendulum Studios


    A fully-3D game cinematic and trailer for Sunflowers/SEK’s Paraworld that takes viewers right into the midst of a chaotic and heated battle on a strange planet where humans command dinosaurs, and tribal warfare is part of daily life. Produced in HD by Pendulum Studios and directed by studio owners Mike McCormick and Robert Taylor, the 60-second cinematic introduces the new real-time strategy game and features a battlefield populated by primitive barbarians, nimble-footed assassins, and giant reptiles trained as war machines.


    Autodesk Maya, Mental Ray, Pixologic ZBrush, and e-on Software’s Vue Infinite, Adobe After Effects, Shake, Photoshop, Shave and a Haircut, Syflex for 3D cloth simulation, and the studio’s proprietary facial-animation software, Stretchmark.

Additional Contributors:

    Director, 3D Lead, Shading & Lighting Artist: Michael McCormick

    Director, Executive Producer, Lead Compositor: Robert Taylor

    Producer: Wade Ammon

    Storyboard & Design: Ron Chan

    Lead Modelling & Texture Artist: Reed Casey

    Modelling & Texture Artists: Bryn Morrow, Gina Adamova, Scott Spencer, Ricardo Ariza

    Shading & Lighting Artist, Software Development: Stefan Minning

    Shading & Lighting Artist: Florian Wild

    Character TDs: Mattias Jervill, Matt Schiller

    Character TD, Software & Tools Development: Michael Hutchinson

    Animators: Emil Bidiuc, Kevin Jackson

    3D FX Artists: Paul Jewell, Steve Kalinowski

    Junior Compositor: Scott Mitchell

    Editor, Digital Video Specialist: Abe Cajudo

    Digital Video Assist: Yu Hsien Chen

    IT & System Administrators: Josh Penix, Michael Converse

Animation / Video Overview: