“Natural Phenomena” by Miller

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    Natural Phenomena


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    Phenomena applications software. My First Tree demonstrates a fir tree growth model. Upwardly Mobile illustrates the use of “globular dynamics,” an extension of particle systems and blobby molecules allowing the simulation of viscous liquids and rubbery breakable solids. The Fall or Eric the Dynamic Worm was created using an adaptation of elastically deformable solids animated as a function of time. Frictional interaction between microscopic hairs and the surface of the book are taken into account. The resultant motion is completely automatic. Devised and animated by Gavin Miller with the help of Freddi Gitelman who created the background for The Fall. Andrew Pearce modeled the room in Upwardly Mobile. Titles were by Steve Williams; Video, rendering and production support by ArtBell, Tom Burns, Martin Tuori and Kevin Tureski at Alias Research and Brian Allum, Tim Heidmann, Andrew Mahoney and Norman Miller at Silicon Graphics.

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