“Mickey Mouth” by Harris

  • ©Harold Harris


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Mickey Mouth


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Topix Computer Graphics and Animation Inc.


    The designs of Rube Goldberg were the seed for my piece. Rube Goldberg is the guy who designed countless idiotic machines that were incredibly complex and ended up doing things like lighting a match or closing a door. The idea for doing Mickey Mouth actually goes back to a TV show I watched as a kid, a Canadian version of Howdy Doody. Every week they’d have a contest where you’d send in your design for a Rube Goldberg machine and if yours was picked, they built it for you. Mine were never picked… Mickey Mouth was produced at Sheridan College during the summer of ’87. I wanted to make a piece that showed my abilities both as an animator and as a musician. Hardware used was a Microvax II, a Vax 11/750 and a Raster One frame buffer. The software used was Neo-Visuals Vishad and Images II+. The sound was synchronized using Sheridan’s Midi-based digital sound synthesis, sampling and recording technology that shares SMPTE time-code with the video recording system.

Animation / Video Overview: