“Hydrodynamic Butterflies” by The Unversity of Tokyo

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    Hydrodynamic Butterflies

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Unversity of Tokyo


    Hypothetically future butterflies (CG robots) explore the north pole of Mars.

    Why are butterflies so fascinating? First, we tried to crystallize the butterfly model in order to express the colorful butterfly in an extra-terrestrial environment. We assumed that ice exists on the arctic surface of Mars, and we expressed the ice as an aggregate of particles in space. What happens when the butterfly robot collides with particles is unpredictable, so we performed a behavioral analysis.

    Human beings can ride in this robot to explore Mars.


    OpenGL rendering Windows PC


    Custom software for hydrodynamics simulation

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Yoichiro Kawaguchi

    Sound, Graphics Editing: Seiji Hori

    Programming: Shuhei Tsuruoka

    Technical Adviser: Takahiro Harada

    Modeling Assistant: Sayaka Itabashi

    This work is partially supported by JST CREST