“Hum” by The Animation Workshop

  • ©Søren Bendt Pedersen


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  • The Animation Workshop


    This short film revolves around a small robot with a turntable for a head left alone in an old wooden workshop. The environment is simplistic, but the graphic style suggests detail, with the set lit by the moon shining through one window. The workshop is inhabited by other living electronic devices, created by an old inventor who has passed away. With the inven-tor gone, its up to Hum to bring life back to the workshop.

    ”Hum” is a bachelor-degree project and first short by Danish director Søren Bendt Pedersen. It was created at the Animation Workshop Den-mark in 2007. The film was inspired by many different artistic sources. Some of the main inspirations were “Jojo in the Stars” by Marc Craste; stop-motion animations such as Tim Burtons “Nightmare Before Christmas”,1950s horror films, and compositions from live-action films such as “City of Lost Children” and “Delicatessen” by French director Jean Pierre Jeunet.

    Leaning toward classic story telling and drawing inspiration from other short films such as Disney’s 2D animated Silly Symphonies, “The Old Mill”, the film has no dialog, is in black and white, and strives to tell the story though simple acting, compositions, mood, and sound.

    The music was composed by Danish composer Rene Brokop and matches the aesthetic style of the film by using simple melodies mixed with electronic sounds. Foley sound was created by Swedish musician, artist, and animator Henric Wallmark. He used old windup toys and computer-generated ambient sounds, which reinforced the look of the film.


    Maya 7.0, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore, Adobe Audition, Propellerhead Reason Qubase S.E, Logic Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Søren Bendt Pedersen

    Music by: Raytracesvin (aka. Rene Brokop)

    Direction Supervisor: Ignacio Ferreras

    Production Supervisor: Michelle Nardone

    Sound Effects: Henric Wallmark

    Additional Animation: Jamie Holmes

    Thanks: My dear family and friends, especially: Ingo Shacner, Henrik Bjerregaard, Clausen Søren Kurgan, Lawrence Marvit, Thomas Richard Christensen, Thomas Ahlmark, Svend Norby

    Production: The Animation Workshop

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