“George of the Jungle” by Weisman

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    George of the Jungle


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dream Quest Images


    For Walt Disney Pictures’ “George of the Jungle,” Dream Quest Images produced extensive character animation to bring to life the computer-generated version of Shep, George’s pet elephant who doggedly believes himself to be a dog. Dream Quest also enhanced live footage of a real-life elephant with expressive dog-like eyes, drooling tongue, and wagging tail, and matched that manipulated footage seamlessly with their impossibly canine CG Shep.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: David Hoberman, Jordan Kerner, Jon Avnet
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim Landry Visual Effects Producer: David McCullough DQI Executive Producer: Keith Shartle
    3D Animation Supervisor: Paul Jordan
    3D Character Animators: Stewart Burris, Bruce Wright
    3D Animator: R. Christopher Biggs 3D Effects Artists: Muqueem Khan, Michael Ramirez
    2D Compositing Supervisor: David Lauer Digital Compositors: John Huikku, Frank Maurer, Tony Noel, Tim Sassoon
    3D texturing and paint: Mark Siegel
    3D Modeler: Hal Lewis

Animation / Video Overview: