“Grim Fandango – Sneak Peak” by Schafer

  • ©Tim Schafer  LucasArts Entertainment Company


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    Grim Fandango – Sneak Peak


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • LucasArts Entertainment Company


    A dramatic and mythical story of crime and corruption set in a surreal world inspired by Casa Blanca meets Mexican folklore come to life in “Grim Fandango.” “Grim Fandango,” a graphic adventure from LucasArts Entertainment company, features more than 50 mysterious characters and 90 locations, rendered in stunning 3D animation.

Additional Contributors:

    Lead Artist: Peter Tsacle
    Background Artists: Paul Topolos, Sara Simon,
    Paul Zinnes, John McLaughlin, Japeth Pieper Animators: David Bogan, Mark Hamer,
    Eric Ingerson, Vam Maduro, Chris Schultz Music: Peter McConnell
    Conceptual Design: Peter Chan
    Voices: Tony Plana, Maria Canals,
    Patrick Dollaghan, Michael Sorich, Jack Angel, Milton James, Sal Lopez, Kay Kuter,
    Barbara Goodson
    Technical Support: Jessica Forys, Richard Trott, John Torrijos

Animation / Video Overview: