“Geri’s Game” by Pinkava

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    Geri’s Game


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  • Pixar Animation Studios


    “Geri,” an old man, plays chess in the park, against himself. Somehow, he manages to win every time, even if it means cheating. The film opens in the morning of a sunny autumn day. Geri sets up the chess pieces and begins to play. He is a kindly looking old man, but when he walks around the table to make moves for the black side he becomes his nasty alter-ego: a faster, younger, man who loves to humiliate his opponent. We follow the game in Geri’s imagination as nasty Geri drives nice Geri to the brink of defeat. Nice Geri finally wins by cheating outrageously and demands his winnings from a bet on the game. The film ends with Geri, on his own, enjoying the spoils of battle at the end of the day. Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Karen Dufilho
    Written and directed by: Jan Pinkava Produced by: Karen Dufilho Executive Producers: John Lasseter, Edwin Catmull
    Lead Technical Director: David R. Haumann Supervising Technical Director: Leo Hourvitz Human character R&D: Studio Tools
    Cloth dynamics: Michael Kass
    Surface modeling: Tony DeRose
    Production Manager: Holly Lloyd
    Technical Directors Hair & hacks: Quintin King Facial articulation: Paul Aichele Modeling: Jason Bickerstaff Shaders: Daniel McCoy
    Lighting: Jean-Claude Kalache, Jason Bickerstaff, Ana Lacaze, Ken Lao
    Additional modeling: Michael Lorenzen, Mark Sanford
    Render Wrangler: Steve Kani
    Animation: Bankole Lasekan, Sandy Christensen, Ross Stevenson, Michelle Meeker, Ben Catmull, Jeff Pratt, Valerie Mih, Doug Sheppeck, Angus MacLane,
    Jan Pinkava, Karen Prell, Stephen Barnes, Michael Berenstein, Pete Docter, Michael Parks, Steve Segal, Scott Clark, Karyn Metlen, Adam Wood
    Digital Painter: David Valdez
    Sculptor: Jerome Ranft
    Production Artist: David Skelly
    Animation Coordinator: Troy Sutton
    Post Production Supervisor: Julie McDonald Film output: Louis Rivera, Hunter Kelly, Matthew Martin
    Sound design: Tom Myers, Skywalker Sound Dialogue Editor: Dennis Leonard
    Foley Editor: Sandina Bailo- Lape
    Music: Flambée Montalbanaise, Gus Viseur et son Orchestre
    Voice of Geri: Bob Peterson
    Storyreel Editors: Joe Wenkoff, Tom Freeman, Steven Liu
    Film Editor: Jim Kallett
    Music Editor: Alex Stahl
    Editorial Assistant: Christian Hill
    Animation software: Darwyn Peachey, Arun Rao, James W. Williams, Dirk Van Gelder,
    Kitt Hirasaki and the entire Studio Tools team RenderMan software: Larry Gritz, Tien Truong,
    Mark VandeWettering and the entire RenderMan team
    Excellent Fellows: Sharon Calahan, Galyn Susman, Damir Frkovic, Robin Cooper, Ewan Johnson, Rick Sayre, Luke Putnam, Jeff Pidgeon, Tom Hahn, Mitch Prater,
    Brad West, Michael Fong, Ninon Pallavicini, James Burgess, Rachel Hannah, Tony Apodaca, Ben Jordan and the Computer Sytems Support Group

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