“Future Psychoanalysis” by Televisa

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    Future Psychoanalysis

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  • Televisa


    “Imaginantes” is a collection of PSAs, In this one, a psychoanalyst teaches a blind person to see by communicating images from brain to brain, without passing through the eyes.

    “Imaginantes” is always looking for unforgettable stories. Using bold animations and live-action narrative, these PSAs seek to open up the mind. They are targeted to an audience that wants to explore a different, warm, and intimate way of looking at television. They are intended not only for the educated, but also for those who are willing to learn.


    Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Adobe After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Creative Director: Maribel Martínez Galindo

    Animation & Compositing: Diego Huacuja

    Illustration: Diego Huacuja

    3D Models: María García Lumbreras

    Original Idea/Writer: José Gordon

    Executive Producer: Manuel Gilardi

    Producer: Alejandra Pastrana Oliver

    Concept & Project Development: Alejandra Márquez Abella

    Post-Production Coordinator: Luis Cabrera

    Art Coordinator: Laura Carmona Barreda

    Sound Designer: Ezequiel Malberbier

    Client: Fundación Televisa

Animation / Video Overview: