“friends?” by Vancouver Film School

  • ©Sveinbjörn J. Tryggvason  Vancouver Film School


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  • Vancouver Film School


    A very short film that highlights the fact that, while they are short in duration, short films can still contain a whole lot of story. To better convey the concept of simplicity, I used primitive shapes as the base for the design of nearly everything. Simplicity was also a key in the rendering process, which used Pixar’s RenderMan for Maya, relying heavily on RenderRadiosity passes.

    A short and simple story with simple graphics and simple music makes for a very simple minute of total mayhem.


    Autodesk Maya 2008, XSI Softimage, Pixar RenderMan for Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Premiere

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Sveinbjörn J. Tryggvason

    All Visual Elements: Sveinbjörn J. Tryggvason

    Music: Einar Sverrir Tryggvason

    Additional Peanutman Modeling: Dongkun Yoon

    Animation Supervisor: Sarah Hill

    Modeling Supervisors: Travis Guthrie, Michael Monks

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Douglas Smith

    Head of Animation: Larry Bafia

    Program Manager: Vanessa Jacobsen

    Sound Supervisors: Brett Anthony, Matthew Thomas

    Editing Supervisor: Rob Wood

    Assistant Editor: Emily Nguyen

    Instructors: Magic Eslami, Casey Kwan, Patrick Heinicke, Nigel Metcalf, Glenn Van Ooyen, Geeta Basantani, Keith Blackmore, Michael van den Bos, Derek Goodfellow, Charlie Grant, Brent Greening, Gideon Hay, Alicia Lum, Stephen Midwinter, Jay Senetchko, Ron Serna, Keiron Simons, Mike West, David Whitmey

    Lab Assistants: Gary Hsu, Jesse Irvin

    Lab Mentors: TJ Galda, Geoff Richardson

    Teaching Assistants: Tristan Goodes, Jason McKeeman, Jeff Plamondon, Walter Rodriguez

    Thanks: Halldóra, Afi Baldvin, Amma og afi, Mamma, Pabbi, Einar og Baldvin,
    Baldvin Kári, Sveinbjörnsson, Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen, Class 3d70

    Production: Made in the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program at Vancouver Film School

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