“Gorilla” by boolab

  • ©Lucas Elliot


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  • boolab


    This award-winning spot illustrates the potential strength of human collaboration. Hundreds of internet users, represented by their cursors, get together to empower animal rights in the form of a gorilla.

    The main challenge of this spot was to construct the gorilla with the pointers without loosing the force and character behind the animal. A 3D particle system was created to create the structure of the gorilla, which was previously crafted and animated. Maya software was used to create the animation and modeling. Compo-sition was crafted in After Effects. The result is believable gorilla behavior in spite of the graphical approach.


    Maya, After Effects, Combusion

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Lucas Elliot

    Client: ADENA WWF

    Product: Fundraising

    Production Company: boolab

    Executive Producer: Coke Ferreiro

    Composition 2D: Jaime Ramos

    3D: Jaime Ramos

    Music: Gerónimo Balado

    Advertising Agency: Contrapunto (Madrid)

    Executive Creative Director: Antonio Montero

    Creative Team: Iván de Dios, Jaime Chávarri, Juan Corrales