“Drench Brains Dance” by The Mill

  • ©Ringan Ledridge  The Mill


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    Drench Brains Dance


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    The Mill’s 3D animation team was challenged to create the look, movement, and weight of a puppet while retaining the humorous speed and snap of the choreographed dancer.

    The dance moves were generated by a real dancer on a motion-capture stage, a puppet was scanned to provide the very best starting point for the model, and a third of the scenes were filmed “in camera” with puppeteers’ legs, shadows, and strings removed later with the help of a clean plate then mapped onto the 3D environment. Each shot was set up in Flame so that animation changes could be implemented to a high level of detail and complexity.

    By carefully calibrating the 3D model with the live-action sequences, The Mill succeeded in creating a truly F.A.B dancing Brains and an entertaining and memorable ad.


    Maya, Motion Builder Flame, Baselight

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ringan Ledridge

    Product: Drench

    Agency: CHI

    Post Production: The Mill

    Producer (The Mill): Gemma Smith

    3D Producer: Laura Brooks

    3D Lead Supervisor: James Sindle

    Animation Team: Jesus Parra, Josh Fourt-Wells

    Motion Builder: Ben Murray

    Telecine: Mick Vincent, Adam Scott

    Lead Flames: Barnsley Richard Betts

    Flame Assistants: Jonathan Box, Adam Lambert

    VFX Shoot Supervisors: Hitesh Patel, Rich Roberts

    Creative: Ewan Paterson

    Producer: Ben Clark

    Production Company: Rattling Stick

    Producer: Sally Humphries

    Editing Company: Work

    Editor: Richard Orrick

Animation / Video Overview: