“Dix” by BIF Production

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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • BIF Production
  • The Mill


    A dark, harrowing short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive behavior.

    To get our hero to evolve in a lively way, reacting to the actor’s behavior, we had to recreate parts of the set, mainly the floor and walls and then animate them, break them, or add blood. We had to find solutions for every shot to achieve the best results in the short amount of time we had to complete them, so some of the shots are 2D special effects (Shake), while others needed a 3D model animated on top of the actor and then cut to reveal the flesh and blood.


    Maya, Shake, Final Cut, XSI

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Bif, The Mill

    Producer: Stephen Venning, The Mill

    Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin (for Autour De Minuit in co-production with ARCADI with the participation of Canal+ and the CNC)

    Animation & VFX: The Mill

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