“Dim Sum” by Ringling College of Art and Design

  • ©Jin Sop Kum  Ringling College of Art and Design


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    Dim Sum


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Ringling College of Art and Design


    This story takes place in the largest and most prominent Chinatown outside of Asia. While the excitement is at its peak for endless food and entertainment in the City of San Francisco, one man’s fate is a more thrilling attraction than any other. After busy lunch hours are over, Ping, a busboy and waiter at a dim sum restaurant, accidentally drops a tea cup, which shatters into pieces. Pong, the infamous owner of the restaurant, fires Ping and gives him his final pay. Now unemployed, Ping goes back to the restaurant as a customer, and Pong is in no position to refuse nor mistreat his former employee, Ping! Will Ping’s payback be a success?


    HP Workstation


    Autodesk Maya, RenderMan, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Apple Shake, Tsunami

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jin Sop Kum

    Music: Brandon B. Jung

    Killer Tracks Department Head: Jim McCampbell

    Faculty Advisor: Heather Thomson

    Pre-Production Instructor: Billy Merritt

    Production: Ringling College of Art & Design Department of Computer Animation

Animation / Video Overview: