“E.T.A.” by The Animation Workshop

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  • The Animation Workshop


    As Marvin pilots his cargo freighter through space, his only entertainment is a TV with the worst picture reception in recorded human history. He indulges himself by consum-ing vast quantities of pizza and coffee to barely stay awake for a journey filled with random power outages.


    3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas

Additional Contributors:

    Story: Søren Pødenphant Andersen

    Cinematography: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

    Character Animation: Marvin Michael la-Cour, Søren Pødenphant Andersen

    Original Music & Sound Editing: Rasmus Kudahl, Kaae Munch

    Spaceship Design, Modelling, and Texturing: Søren Pødenphant Andersen

    Marvin Design, Modelling, and Texturing: Michael la-Cour

    Joe Design & Modelling: Søren Pødenphant Andersen

    Matte Paintings & Elate Enhancements: Michael la-Cour

    Lighting, Compositing & Special Effects Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

    Extra Sound Effects & Stereo Mixing: Lars Christophersen

    TV Speakers: Patrick Charlton, Victoria Hannaford, Marc Burrows

    MAX Script Development Support: Michael Dahl

    Rendering Support: Happy Flyfish Aarhus, Thomas Suurland

    Storyboard Consultant: Ignacio Ferreras

    Special Thanks: Happy Flyfish Aarhus, Reset Film Aps, Ignacio Ferreras, Patrick Charlton, Søren Bendt, Peter B. Vahlstrup & Rostock, Thomas Suurland, Søren Bendz

    Very Special Thanks: H.R. Giger

    Acknowledgements Made with support from: ANIS

    The Open Workshop at The Animation Workshop

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