“Dodge “Sky’s The Limit”” by Digital Domain, Inc.

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    Dodge “Sky's The Limit”



Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Ritts/Hayden and PentaMark Worldwide enlisted Digital Domain to create this exhilarating spot for director Lance Kelleher featuring the entire line of Dodge vehicles doing unbelievable precision-formation driving, which culminates in the Viper making a 360-degree mid-air turn, before the drivers are shown to be fighter pilots and take off in their jets.

    Visual Effects Supervisor Fred Raimondi and his team created the Viper, jets, and hanger when the planned location became unavailable. The hanger, planes, and jumping car were created in Lightwave 3D, and compositing was done in Flame.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Producer: Stephanie Gilgar
    Integration: Nancy Adams, Jason Doss, Scott Edelstein, Swen Gillberg, Chris Logan, David Niednagel, Aaron Singer
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Kim Elliott
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Scott Rader
    Rotoscope: Hilery Johnson, Laura Ormsby, Robert Schultz, Doyle Smith, Bryan Taylor
    Compositors: Hilary Sperling, Andreas Trautz, Perri Wainwright
    FX Animation: Jay Barton, Richard Morton
    Modeler: Roger Borelli
    FX Lead: Ron Herbst

Animation / Video Overview: