“Day & Night” by Newton

  • ©Teddy Newton



    Day & Night



    When Day encounters Night sparks fly! At first frightened and suspicious of each other, they get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other’s unique qualities – and realize that each offers a different window onto the world – the friendship helps them gain a new perspective.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer, Director: Teddy Newton
    Producer: Kevin Reher
    Executive Producer: John Lasseter
    Story Advisor: Karen Paik
    Manager: Marc Sondheimer
    Production Designer: Don Shank
    Supervising Animator: Tom Gately
    Supervising Technical Director: Michael Fu
    Music: Michael Giacchino
    Editor: Greg Snyder
    Clean-Up Supervisors: Albert Lozano, Ron Zorman
    Assets Team Supervisor: Mike Kilgore
    Shots Supervisor: Jane Yen
    Lighitng Supervisor: Andrew Pienaar
    Animation Manager: Richmond Horine
    2D Animation: Adam Burke, Bob Scott, Doug Frankel, Kristophe Vergne, Louis Clichy
    CG Animation: Doug Dooley
    Clean-Up Animation: Daniel Arriaga, Daniela Strijleva, Donald Crum, Everett Downing, Ken Kim, Sarah Mercey-Boose, Steve Mason
    Ink & Paint Lead: Lou Hamou-Lhadj
    Camera & Staging: Gregg Olsson
    Camera Polish & Stereo: Sandy Karpman
    Character Modeling: Mike Altman
    Set Modeling & Motion: Mark Shirra
    Shading: Laura Beth Albright, Daniel Ritchie, Francisco DeLaTorre, Neil Blevins, Stephen King
    Vegetation: Matthew Kuruc, Sean Feeley
    Technical Manager: Adrian Ochoa
    Effects Lead: Bill Watral
    Effects: Enrique Vila, Stephen Gustafson
    Lighting: Charu + 1 Clark, Esdras Varagnalo, Jordan Rempel

Animation / Video Overview: