“Dante’s Inferno: Hell Awaits” by Miller

  • ©Timothy (Tim) S. Miller  Blur Studio


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    Dante’s Inferno: Hell Awaits




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blur Studio


    Love knows no bounds and sometimes makes one do crazy things, even go through Hell. Drawn by his beloved Beatrice, Dante casts all fears aside and plunges deep into the fiery abyss battling every kind of evil imaginable on the way down.

Additional Contributors:

    CG Supervisor: Kevin Margo
    Animation Supervisor: Brian Whitmire
    Producer: Lindsey Zamplas
    Executive Producer: Al Shier
    FX Supervisor: Kirby Miller
    Character Modeling Supervisor: Laurent Pierlot
    Lighting & Compositing Leads: Greg Kegel, Barrett Meeker
    Layout: Franck Balson, David Nibbelin
    Character Modeling: Shaun Absher, Alessandro Baldasseroni, Sze Jones, Stan Klabik, Viki Yeo
    Rigging: Steven Caron, Ben Durkin, Jenni Heinrich, Enoch Ihde, Brent Wiley
    Animation: Jean-Dominique Fievet, Jason Heinrich, Bryan Hillestad, Jeremiah “Izzy” Izzard, Christian Reese, Rini Sugianto, William “Rocky” Vanoost, Brian Whitmire, Nick Whitmire
    Hair & Cloth Simulation: Becca Baldwin, Jon Jordan
    Environment & Prop Modeling: Darren Butler, Zack Cork, Eric Durante, Barrett Meeker, Olivier Verney-Kim
    Graphics: Colin James
    Lighting & Compositing: Darren Butler, Eric Durante, Greg Kegel, Barrett Meeker, Laurent Pierlot, Brian Prince
    FX: Kevin Kim, John Kosnik, Kirby Miller, Brandon Riza, Brandon Young
    Mocap Prep & Clean-Up: Ryan Girard: Anthony Romero
    Layout/Animation TD: Brian McKee
    Technical & QC Supervisors: Shaun Absher, Steven Caron, Zack Cork, Ben Durkin, Bryan Hillestad, Enoch Ihde, Sze Jones
    Concept Design: Hugo Martin, Sean McNally, Chuck Wojtkiewicz
    Tools & Scripts: Karl “Krash” Goldshmidt, Eric Hulser, Jentzen Mooney, Tomas Pulmano
    Programming & Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell
    Production Assistant: Amanda Powell
    Mocap Talent: Alina Andrei, Billy Bussey, Steve Gibbons

Animation / Video Overview: