“Gears of War 3 Ashes to Ashes” by Wilbert

  • ©Vernon R. Wilbert  Digital Domain, Inc.



    Gears of War 3 Ashes to Ashes


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Digital Domain continues their groundbreaking in-engine work with this trailer for the third “Gears of War” installment. Working within the Unreal Engine 3 — the same real-time engine used for the videogame itself — this innovative production method allows for an authentic preview of what gamers can expect.

Additional Contributors:

    Production, Animation, Editorial, Visual Effects, Digital Domain Director/Visual Effects Supervisor: Vernon R. Wilbert Jr.
    President, Commercial Division/Executive Vice President: Ed Ulbrich
    Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
    CG Supervisor: Tim Jones
    Senior Producer: Melanie La Rue
    Coordinator: William Lemmon
    Storyboard Artist: Dwayne Turner
    Editor: Russ Glasgow
    Previs Artist: Niles Heckman
    Technical Directors: Ryan Vance, Mårten Larsson
    Junior Technical Director: Erich Hauptmann
    Technical Director/Character Rigger: Derek Crosby
    Character Riggers: Adrian Dimond, George Saavedra
    Lead Animator: Rick Glenn
    Animators: Marc Perrera, Tim Ranck, William R. Wright
    Lighters: Margaret Bright-Ryan, Jon Gourley, Daisuke Nagae
    Modeler/Lighter: Matthew Bell
    Modeler: Trisha McNamara
    Matte Painter: Daniel Thron
    Lead Flame Compositor: Christopher DeCristo
    Flame Compositors: Lisa Tomei, Les Umberger
    Production Company: Anonymous Content
    Creative Director: Joseph Kosinski
    Executive Producer: Jeff Baron

Animation / Video Overview: