“Beach Ball” by PSYOP Inc.

  • ©Sam Bayer


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Beach Ball


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • PSYOP Inc.


    For this spot, the task was to create a 3D beach ball in the image of the Pepsi “globe” logo. The ball had to look photorealistic and natural, as if a global beach ball game was actually taking place. Crowds and locations were complete in camera, but a few crowd scenes were built with 3D crowd simulations.


    Flame, XSI, Silhouette Roto

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Sam Bayer

    Visual Effects: MassMarket

    Lead Flame Artist: Chris Staves

    Flame Artists: Patrick Ferguson, Brian Benson, Jaime Aguirre, Dave Elkins

    VFX Executive Producer: Justin Lane

    VFX Producers: Sarah Dowland, Bernadette Castillo

    CG Artists: Pakorn Bupphavesa, Jacob Slutsky, Young Jang, Florian Witzel, David Barosin, Kris Rivel, Paul Liaw, Laurent Barthelemy

    Designer: Zoe Wishart

    3D Tracking: Joerg Liebold