“Artifical Stupidity” by Pixar Animation Studios

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    Artifical Stupidity


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pixar Animation Studios


    “Artificial Stupidity” introduces “Floyd the Android,” the first character in the world of Stupix Animation, which is dedicated to the revival of live physical comedy traditions in animation. Floyd is a minimum-wage robot, and in this short he gets carried away with a toy teleporter and winds up in a fix. But Floyd always gets away clean.

    Believing all animators should continuously develop skills and experiment with tools, Stupix Animation is the personal work of professional animator Jonathan Lyons, with assistance from some top industry talent.

    Look for Floyd to return in the future for further misadventures.


    Various Linux machines at ILM


    Modeling, animation, rendering: Maya with Mental Ray
    Compositing: Adobe After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Producer and Director: Jonathan Lyons

    Floyd Model: Simon Cheung

    Floyd Rigging: Tim Naylor

    Animation: Jonathan Lyons

    Development Consultant: Phil (Captain 3D) McNally

    Sound Design: Kyle Gray

    Music: Nik Phelps

    Editing: Tony Pitone

Animation / Video Overview: