“Beck – Girl” by Motion Theory

  • ©Matthew Cullen and Grady Hall  Motion Theory


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    Beck - Girl


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  • Motion Theory


    When considering how to visually represent the lighthearted tone and dark lyrics of Beck’s “Girl,” Motion Theory found inspiration in Al Jaffee’s classic fold-ins for Mad magazine, which created real-life scenes where reality seems to fold in on itself. Throughout the video, Beck travels and performs the song, moving through naturalistic settings in East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, and MacArthur Park – the genuine, culturally vibrant sides of Los Angeles that often get lost behind the glitz of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The three-day shoot employed local artists to create murals and miniature neighborhoods, and local mariachis to play along with Beck near a wall famously known as “Mariachi Corner.”

Additional Contributors:

    Artist: Beck

    Label: Interscope Records

    Video Commissioner: Kathy Angstadt

    Production Company: Motion Theory

    Directors: Matthew Cullen, Grady Hall

    Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez

    Producer: Scott Gemmell

    Director of Photography: David Morrison

    Production Designer: Matthew Holt

    Post Production: Motion Theory

    Creative Directors: Mathew Cullen, Grady Hall

    Art Director: Jesus de Francisco

    Artists: Martha Rich, Kevin Christy, Ethan Marak, Gary Garay

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Vi Nguyen

    Assistant Visual Effects Supervisor: Gabriel Dunne

    Compositing: Phil Pham, Matt Motal, Mike Slane

    Designers/Animators: Kirk Shintani, Jesse Franklin, Christopher Janney, Linas Jodwalis, Christopher Leone, Mark Lai, Juston Hsu

    Editor: Jeff Consiglio (Motion Theory)

    Colorist: Clark Mueller (R!ot)

Animation / Video Overview: