“Barclaycard Waterslide” by The Mill

  • ©Peter Thwaites  The Mill


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    Barclaycard Waterslide


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    “Waterslide” was a logistically challenging project, and The Mill was involved from an early stage. It was filmed on location in Brazil with The Mill’s VFX Supervisors overseeing the shoot.

    The Mill used 2D and 3D elements to achieve the most realistic results. The team worked on all areas, from lighting and render-ing complex surfaces on a huge scale to animation of the character inside and his interaction with the water around him. They completed over 110 shots, including preliminary tests to construct the perfect waterslide network, and the final touch was added to “Waterslide” in Telecine with a hyper-real grade in the Baselight.


    BOXX computers running, GNU/Linux Fedorra Core 8


    3D Software: Softimage XSI, Proprietary Waterslide Pipe Layout software

    2D Software: Flame, Shake, After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Peter Thwaites

    Product: Barclaycard

    Post Production: The Mill

    Producer (The Mill): Liz Browne

    Lead Flame: Jonathan Westley

    Flame Assistant: Adam Lambert

    Telecine: Adam Scott

    3D Producer: Miles Petit

    3D: Hitesh Patel, Jordi Bares, Rick Thiel, Richard Costin, Sergio Xisto

    Technical Director: Andy Nicholas

    Agency: BBH

    Creatives: Gary Mcreadie, Wesley Hawes

    Creative Director: Pete Bradley

    Producer: Nerine Soper, Angela Zabala

    Production Company: Gorgeous

    Director: Peter Thwaites

    Director of Photography: Marcello Durst

    VFX Supervision: Austen Humphries, Hitesh Patel

    Producer: Anna Hashmi

    Editing Company: Work

    Editor: Neil Smith

Animation / Video Overview: