“BBC iPLayer Penguins” by Passion Pictures

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    BBC iPLayer Penguins


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  • Passion Pictures


    Filmmaker and writer Terry Jones is the latest star to feature in an ambitious marketing trailer for BBC iPlayer. The 90-second trailer shows Terry following a unique colony of Adelie Penguins as they fly thousands of miles across the frozen wasteland of Antarctica to the Amazon rainorest.

    Passion Pictures were responsible for the animation. Director Darren Walsh, VFX supervisor Neil Riley, and a team of animators and compositors studied BBC archive footage and numerous films of birds with similar shapes, in particular guillemots, taking off and flying to ensure they could reproduce the movement of the penguins as realistically as possible.

    The Mill were responsible for post production, the edit was done at The Quarry, and the sound at Wave. Anne Dudley composed the music.




    Final Cut Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Vince Squibb

    Client: BBC Iplayer

    Production Company: Red Bee/Gorgeous

    Producer: Sarah Caddy

    Agency: RKCR Y&R

    Senior Creative Director: Mark Roalfe

    Creative: Paul Silburn

    Editor: Paul Watts @ The Quarry

    Post Production: The Mill

    Production Company: Passion Pictures

    Animation Director: Darren Walsh

    Producer: Belinda Blacklock

    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann

    Head of CG: Jason Nicholas

    CG Co-ordinator: Chris Knott

    VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley

    Animators: Wes Coman, Chris Welsby, Brian Ayres, Kristian Antonelli

    Lighting and Rendering: Nuno Conceição, Claire Michaud, Sajjad Amjad, Quentin Vien

    Compositors: Niamh Lines, Ed Salked, Giuliano Cavalli, Neil Riley

    Rigger: Chris Dawson

    Modelling: Nuno Conceição, Stuart Hall

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