“Audi Unboxed” by Passion Pictures

  • ©Aaron Duffy and Russell Brooke  Passion Pictures


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    Audi Unboxed


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    The film opens on a large cardboard box in the middle of an empty room. An animated character, drawn onto the surface of the box, is engaged in painstaking construction of a mysterious object. At the end of the spot, the object is revealed to be a perfectly crafted cardboard Audi Q5 car, which transforms into the gleaming real car with the end tag: “We’ve unboxed the box.”

    The co-directors, Aaron Duffy (1st Ave Machine) and Russell Brooke (Passion Pictures), divided their roles on the project, with Duffy taking responsibility for the the spot’s overall vision and the transfor-mation of the car and Brooke for the drawn 2D character. The spot was produced at Passion Pictures in London.




    Nuke, Final Cut Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Co-Directors: Aaron Duffy, Russell Brooke

    Client: Audi

    Product: Audi Q5

    Creative Director: Arvind Palep, 1st Ave Machine

    Agency Producer: Olly Chapman

    Agency: BBH

    Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark

    Creatives: Maja Fernqvist, Joakim Saul

    Producers: Belinda Blacklock, Anna Lord

    Executive Producers: Serge Patzak, 1st Ave Machine, Michael Adamo, Passion Pictures

    Live Action Producer: Patrick Duguid

    Director of Photography: Tony Brown

    Technical Director: Julian Hodgson

    2D Design: Russell Brooke, Tim Sanpher

    2D Animation: Russell Brooke, Tim Sanpher

    Head of CG: Jason Nicholas

    Editors: Aaron Duffy, Jaime Rubio

    VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley

    Animators: Chris Welsby, Wesley Coman

    Lead Lighter: Harry Bardak

    Lighting and Rendering: Stu Hall, Tommy Andersson, Quetin Vien, Claire Michaud, Guillaume Cassuto

    Compositors: Neil Riley, Niamh Lines, Luke Carpenter

    Rigger: Chris Dawson

    Modelling: Ian Brown, Craig Maden, Dan Moore

Animation / Video Overview: