“Alarm” by Mesai Soft

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  • Mesai Soft


    This is a test film to increase our know-how and to examine an animation pipeline for the next projects of the MESAI short-film animation team.

    The story is about a salary man living in a single apartment, who has a problem getting up early in the morning. He would rather die than wake up early. He decides to set many alarm clocks everywhere in his apartment so he can get to work on time. The next morning, after struggling with his alarm clocks, he barely finishes preparing for work.

    The background was rendered with global illustration. The character’s clothes and bedding are dynamic cloth.


    Autodesk Maya Cyflex, Rhinoceros, Shake, Vegas, Premire Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Story: Moo Hyun Jang, Young Suck Choi

    Art & Design: Moo Hyun Jang, Jung Woo Choo

    Modeling: Jung Woo Choo, Moo Hyun Jang

    Set & Rigging: Moo Hyun Jang

    Animation: Moo Hyun Jang, Jung Woo Choo

    Cloth Dynamic: Jung Woo Choo

    Surface & Lighting: Moo Hyun Jang

    Edit & Composite: Moo Hyun Jang

    Music Producer: Jung Won Yang

    Foley Design: Dong Hee Wee


Animation / Video Overview: