“Acura Bullet” by The Mill

  • ©Nicolai Fuglsig  The Mill


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    Acura Bullet


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    The Mill New York created stunning visual metaphors in five separate shots for “Gamma”, the latest Acura campaign.

    For “Bullet”, a variety of high-speed Phantom cameras was used to shoot slow-motion cinematography at 7,000 frames per second. A rig was constructed to allow the camera to move at 60 feet per second down a track, triggering the bullet from a single-bolt rifle located several feet from the camera. The bullet quickly became synchronized with the moving camera to capture the explosion through the bottle as a moving image rather than a static shot.

    Finally, to complement the live-action car, a 3D car was built and precisely tracked to enhance the details of the Acura TL. The Mill also created 3D matte paintings that were inspired by live footage shot in Los Angeles.


    Flame, Combustion, Smoke, 3D Equalizer, XSI

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

    Product: Acura Gamma

    Agency: RPA LA

    Creatives: John Hage, Eric Goldstein

    Producer: Jack Epstein

    Production Company: MJZ

    Editing Company: Spot Welders

    Editor: Robert Duffy

    Producer: Carolina Wallace

    Post Production: The Mill

    Producer: Dan Roberts

    Creative Director: Angus Kneale

    Lead CG: Ben Smith

    Lead Flame Artist: Cole Schreiber

    Assistant Flame Artist: Iwan Zwarts

    Flame Assists: Gigi Ng, Melissa Graff, David Sherwinter, Elizabeth Koenig, Keith Sullivan, Bruce Chen

    3D Producer: Kate Stenhouse

    3D: Rob Petrie, Andrew Proctor, Doug Luka, Ruben Vandebroek, Jong Jin Choi, Pete Hamilton, Josh Merck, Shai Halfon, Keith Kim, Kevin Ives, Ed Boldero, Vince Baertsoen, Sid Odedra

    Telecine: Fergus McCall, Jamie Wilkinson

    Assistants: Salvatore Malfitano, Greg Reese

Animation / Video Overview: