“Absolut Dissection” by Mass Market

  • ©Rob Smiley  Mass Market


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    Absolut Dissection


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Mass Market


    This spot was created with a combination of photo-real CG water, CG glass, and high-speed, live-action water photography.

    The agency requested a sophisticated and energetic spot that highlights the purity of Absolut vodka by using the metaphor of dissecting its components. The challenge was to create a spot, shot in macro, of a clear liquid and glass bottle that entices the viewer and fulfills the requirements of the brand’s product managers. From the beginning, we were intrigued by the idea of suspended liquid and wanted to capture the nuance and unpre-dictability of rippling and falling water. In the end, the spot combined CG liquid and high-speed liquid photography with the bottle and shards, completed entirely in 3D.


    Flame, 3D, Spirit

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York Worldwide Creative

    Director: Rob Smiley

    Creative Director: Lew Willig

    Copywriter: Meghan Simons

    Art Director: Megan Williams

    Producer: Jamie Grady

    Production Company: Psyop, New York

    Directors: Marco Spier, Chris Staves, Mate Steinforth

    Designer: Mate Steinforth

    Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren

    Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo

    Producer: Nathan Jew

    Assistant Producer: Tarun Charaipotra

    Live Action Producer: Paul Middlemiss

    Visual Effects Company: MassMarket, New York

    VFX Executive Producer: Justin Lane

    Technical Director: Jacob Slutsky

    Lead Flame Artist: Nick Tanner

    Flame Artists: Chris Staves, Theo Maniatis

    Pre Visual Artist: Damon Ciarelli

    Editor: Cass Vanini

    XSI Team: Dave Barosin, Jan Bitzer, Andrea Gebhardt, Jae Ham, Bashir Hamid, Andy Hara, Florian Witzel, Miguel Salek, Boris Ustaev, Jason Vega, Lee Wolland

    Roto Artists: Leslie Chung, David Marte, Joon Park

    Sound mixer: Peter Holcomb, Sound Lounge New York

    Music: Small Sails, Somnambulist

Animation / Video Overview: