“2BTextures” by Bowling Green State University

  • ©Bonnie L. Mitchell and Elaine Lillios  Bowling Green State University


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  • Bowling Green State University


    “2BTextures”, a two-movement audio/visual experience, leads viewers through abstract environments influenced by nature and life. This integrated journey temporally explores the multi-faceted granular complexity inherent in its sonic and visual source material. By fragmenting and simulating stylized natural elements, the artists delve into the intricate detail found in minute sounds and particulated images. As each movement unfolds, viewers traverse a macro-landscape or shift their focus to micro-elements.

    The first movement, “Branches”, reflects natural growth and evolutionary patterns often found in the structure of trees, river estuaries, and other organic processes. Trees and branches are also commonly used as metaphors for tracing family lineage, including births, deaths, and ancestry. The sonic and visual elements in “Branches” reflect these divergent paths and splintering structures.

    The second movement explores breath, the indicator and moderator of life. Sonic breathing and gasping, juxtaposed with an icy visual environment, metaphorically illustrate the fragility of our existence. Together, these two movements create an immersive, dynamic journey, blending abstract and literal sounds and visuals into a cohesive whole.


    Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Logic Studio

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Bonnie Mitchell, Elainie Lillios

    Composer: Elainie Lillios

    Animator: Bonnie Mitchell

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