“All That Remains” by Independent Artist

  • ©Stephanie Maxwell and Michaela Eremiasova  Independent Artist



    All That Remains


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Independent Artist


    This collaborative work by a filmmaker and a composer is an intricate mosaic of sequences of animated abstract images and musical passages that create a chaotic yet coherent and tightly choreographed portrayal of figurative matter in perpetual decomposition.

    The sound consists of dynamic and evolving patterns of music textures and phrases. Dense masses of granular particles often converge to create progressive patterns of movement, which alternate with recurring looped vocal passages.

    The imagery was created through a multitude of experimental processes, including direct-on-35mm animation (painting and etching imagery directly on 35mm clear and black film stocks), object animation (crab carapaces, fern fronds, spiral calcareous squid shells, cosmetic sponges, peacock feathers, dried leaves, cut up bits of painted film, and a hair comb), prisms and image distortion devices, motion painting and paint-in-water animations, digital, animated re-photography of moving image sequences, moving handmade mattes, compositing and manipulation of animated, and live-action sequences in digital post production.


    Mac and PC


    LunchBox, Fotovix, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Csound, Score 11, Cubase

Additional Contributors:

    Producers and Directors: Stephanie Maxwell, Michaela Eremiasova


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