Bridging Knowledge between Craftsman and Learner in Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage through WebAR

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    Master student of Interaction Design, from Guangdong University of Technology. The main research on the application of digital technology about intangible cultural heritage. Together with the team published some papers about the interaction design and user experience in the Chinese CHI2019, HCII2019 and ASIAN CHI SYMPOSIUM 2019.




  • The purpose of this paper is to explore new perspectives to learning Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) through embodied interaction with focus on learning and experience with traditional Cantonese Porcelain crafting. This research developed a WebAR application where various processes are presented through the tangible interaction of virtual porcelain represented by physical objects. The learner is able to directly interact with the plate that bridges the tangible materials and making processes of ICH utilizing WebAR. Empirical studies found that the WebAR and embodied interaction can enhance student’s tangible learning experience to transfer knowledge between craftsman and student.

  • ©Peng Tan, Yi Ji, Damian Hills, and Tieming Fu