Issue 28: Visualization in Scientific Computing: Domain

SVR Issue No:  28

SVR Issue Title:  Visualization in Scientific Computing: Domain

Conference:  SIGGRAPH 1986

SVR Issue Information

  • Issue 28 Visualization in Scientific Computing: Domain
    1. L.A. – The Movie – JPL
    2. Instabilities in Supersonic Flows – Norman et al., NCSA
    3. CalTech Studies in Modeling and Motion – Barr et al., CalTech
    4. Evolution of Structure in the Universe – Centrella, Drexel
    5. Dynamic Crack Propagation with Step Function Stress Loading – Haber et al., NCSA
    6. Numerical Simulation of a Thunderstorm Outflow – Wilhelmson et al., NCSA
    7. Scientific Visualization – Science Data Systems Group, JPL
    8. Poliovirus – Olson et al., Research Institute of Scripps Clinic
    9. Inertial Confinement Fusion – Max, LLNL
    10. RPI Scientific Visualization – RPI CICG
    11. Rigid Body Dynamics – Hahn, OSU
    12. NASA CFD Highlights
    13. Computational Fluid Dynamics – Winkler et al., LANL
    14. Aerospace Applications of ADAM and Postprocessor – Mechanical Dynamics

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