“SIGGRAPH 1990 Film and Video Theater Catalog: The Pioneers Return to Dallas”, 1990

  • ©SIGGRAPH 1990 Film and Video Theater Catalog
  • ©SIGGRAPH 1990 Film and Video Theater Catalog


    SIGGRAPH 1990 Film and Video Theater Catalog


    The Pioneers Return to Dallas




    Welcome to the SIGGRAPH ’90 Film and Video Theater

    SIGGRAPH screenings of film and video began over 10 years ago as a small group of animation and graphics enthusiasts huddled around a VTR and monitor sharing their latest work. Evening shows became part of the conference after several years and just a few years ago, Animation Screenings were added to increase the opportunity for all of us to share an expanded scope of material. Today, the evening show has evolved into the tradition of the Film and Video Theater-the international premier showcase for computer animation and graphics. The Animation Screenings are presented on a daily basis in their own theater, as well as in a ‘cafe’ area with VCR and monitor for a more casual atmosphere. This year we are pleased to institute the ‘Open Deck’ to allow those with work that wasn’t completed by the jury deadline to show their latest creative efforts to small groups and to keep that original spirit of sharing at SIGGRAPH alive and well!

    I believe it’s important as we grow that we don’t lose sight of our beginnings, and while the venue may change, our goal of sharing the very best work by creative people from all areas of interest must be maintained and enhanced. Our role and direction this year has been to emphasize the possibilities that exist to submit an entry to SIGGRAPH; to encourage those internationally with a variety of computer resources to get involved and become part of the program!

    The contents of this catalog represent those entries for the Film and Video Theater and Animation Screenings that were chosen by a jury of recognized leaders in the animation and graphics community. From a total of 264 entries, with a running time of over 12 hours; 56 entries (representing 44 contributors) have been selected for the evening show, which is planned to last about two hours. A group of 69 entries will be shown in multiple Animation Screenings with a total running time of about three hours. The material is truly international in content, and includes entries from individuals with modest computer systems as well as from multi-million dollar facilities. The factors in common are technical excellence, innovation and audience impact!

    The Film and Video Theater Committee has worked extremely hard this year to bring together this material for your enjoyment, and our ultimate reward will be a continuation of that sharing which began many years ago that tradition of excellence and entertainment experience unequaled anywhere! I’m grateful for the dedication of the members of the committee and especially the ever present support of the Conference Co-Chairs. A special thank you to Rozanne Cazian, John Grower, and Mary Ann McLeod for their diligent effort and assistance, without which, none of this would have been possible.

    We hope you enjoy the show!

    Dave Inglish
    Film and Video Theater Chair
    Walt Disney Pictures

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